Meet Corey

A desire to serve and concern for regional communities are common attitudes among Notre Dame Medicine students.

“It’s a vocation rather than a job for me,” says Corey, describing the motivations for him to study Medicine. “I’ve lived regionally, I’ve seen the impacts of health and the disparities that are out in the regional areas of Australia, and for me being able to give back in the future as a doctor is something I’m really passionate about."

Inspiration is sometimes not enough to get students through their degree, however. Corey, like many other Medicine students, has experienced a number of financial hardships while studying.

My wife is at home looking after our three kids while I study, so every dollar counts. When unexpected bills are coming in and there’s constant stress. Support from the University has helped me keep my head above water.

Sudden financial difficulties are unpredictable and can derail a student if they do not have adequate support. In light of this, the School of Medicine, Fremantle has established the Medical Students’ Assistance Fund (MSAF). This fund provides financial assistance to students who are in crisis or are experiencing financial hardship.

For students like Corey, this can make all the difference. “Knowing that this sort of support exists is something that, as a student, sits in the back of your mind and takes some of that stress away.”

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