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The unmet needs of remote and rural communities are a key concern for the School of Medicine, and is a concern shared by prospective and current students. Emily is studying Medicine at Notre Dame and wants to make a difference in regional communities.

“I grew up in the town of Esperance, which is rural Western Australia, and I saw that there was a need for healthcare in that area. Initially, that’s one of the reasons I started studying medicine”.

It’s great getting to know people. It’s a real privilege. I’m being let into the intimate aspects of people’s lives and helping them through difficult times.

Students experience difficult times themselves, and in an effort to address these hardships the School of Medicine has created the Medical Students’ Assistance Fund (MSAF). The fund will provide support to students in the face of unforeseen financial burdens in a more directed manner than other financial support.

I’ve received financial support, which has been great for stress reduction. It’s important for sustainability within the degree and also means you can start off as a medical practitioner with your best foot forward.

The financial support that the MSAF provides is important for a variety of reasons, Emily explains. “The fact that the support is there is important in itself. For longevity, for sustainability and for mental health, and ultimately delivery of compassionate care in the future, students need to be supported. The MSAF provides students with the peace of mind that if something unexpected happens they aren’t going to be left out in the cold”.

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