Access and Inclusion

Notre Dame is committed to providing an environment for students that is supportive and free from discrimination. The University strongly supports the admission of students with a disability and encourages those students to seek assistance from the Access and Inclusion Advisor to ensure they are able to participate in their course of study on equal terms with other students.

The Access and Inclusion Advisor is also responsible for the management of each student’s Learning Access Plan (LAP) and recommendations for reasonable adjustments in accordance with requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (Cwth) 1992 (DDA), The Disability Standards for Education (2005) and the University Policy: Students with a Disability. This will depend on the nature and extent of each student’s needs.

  • Policy

  • How to register

    There is a registration process – this involves meeting with the Access and Inclusion Advisor to talk about how your condition impacts on study activities and what you may need.

    • Your privacy & confidentiality will be respected – the Access and Inclusion Advisor only provides limited information to other staff, with your consent, so that adjustments and services can be arranged for you, when required.
    • You do not need to have a permanent condition – you may also be eligible for assistance if you have an injury or condition which is temporary, changes from week to week or comes and goes.
    • It is your personal choice whether you register with the Access and Inclusion Advisor – however if you would like us to provided services or adjustment to your study activities, you will need to register so that we can make these arrangements.
    • A reasonable timeframe is required to make the necessary arrangements for a number of support services, so you are strongly encouraged to meet with the Access and Inclusion Advisor as soon as possible.

    What to bring to your appointment with the Access and Inclusion Advisor:

    • The completed Request for Assistance Form or Request for Continued Assistance Form (Sydney only).
    • Supporting documentation from your doctor or health professional. This can be a letter or report from your doctor or you can use the Treating Health Practitioner Report form (Sydney) or Treating Health Practitioner Report form (Fremantle).
    • If you have a specific learning disability, such as dyslexia, you will need to bring the assessment report that states your diagnosis, which should be signed by an educational psychologist.
    • Supporting documentation should be:
      • Original or a certified copy (not a photocopy)
      • Signed and dated
      • On letterhead or stamped by your specialist
      • Current: so that it gives accurate and up-to-date information about the nature of your condition or diagnosis and how it affects your study activities
  • Learning Access Plan

    As a registered student with a disability you will have been issued with a Learning Access Plan. You can view and print copies of your Learning Access Plan (LAP).

    Please enter your student number and the nominated password that will have been forwarded to you by email from the Access and Inclusion Advisor after your initial registration.

  • Contact us

    Fremantle and Broome Campuses

    Veronica Nelson
    Access and Inclusion Advisor
    Phone: (08) 9433 0995

    Sydney Campus

    Fiona Darcy
    Access and Inclusion Advisor
    Phone: (02) 8204 4283

    Bernadette Saleme

    Access and Inclusion Advisor
    Phone: (02) 8204 4283