Fremantle Graduation

  • What's happening with Graduation

    In July, the University held a Virtual Conferral of Qualifications for its Fremantle Campus graduands. The physical graduation events were postponed due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

    We are currently planning our upcoming Fremantle and Sydney graduations and will continue to monitor the COVID-19 restrictions, providing further information in due course.

    We continue to hope that graduates who were conferred their awards in March (Sydney) and July (Fremantle) this year will have the opportunity to attend a physical ceremony when circumstances allow.

    We understand these are challenging times for everyone and we’re committed to doing whatever we can to help you celebrate your achievements. We will continue to provide updates when available and we thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding.

  • Fremantle Virtual Conferral of Qualifications July 2020

    Congratulations to the students who had their qualifications conferred on the 21st of July!

    In a historic first, the University of Notre Dame Australia has conferred qualifications virtually.  In Zoom ceremonies, attended by over 150 staff, graduands and the friends and families of the graduands, the University celebrated the graduates’ mid-year completion of qualifications in a joyous, yet contemporary, way. Video recordings of each ceremony can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

    Ceremony 1 – School of Nursing and Midwifery

    Ceremony 2 – Schools of Arts and Sciences , Business and Law

    Ceremony 3 – Schools of Education, Health Science, Physiotherapy, Medicine, Philosophy and Theology

    When circumstances permit, the physical Graduation events will be rescheduled and we look forward to seeing the graduates at them and celebrating their achievements.

    Please see the Conferral of Qualifications July 2020 booklet.

  • Collecting your Qualifications

    If you had your qualifications conferred on 21st July you can now visit Student Administration in building ND7 to collect your physical Testamur.  If you wish to have your Testamur posted a $10 fee is required as this document is sent via registered post, please contact the fees office on 9433 0542 and ensure your address is correct in Student Centre.

    Electronic versions of Transcripts, AHEGS and Testamurs have also been uploaded to the My eQuals Portal, check your student email account to find the link to your My eQuals qualifications.

  • Have the Fremantle Campus Graduation Mass and Graduation Ceremonies been cancelled?

    The Virtual Conferral of Qualifications will not replace the physical Graduation events. The Graduation Mass and the Graduation Ceremonies have been postponed due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. When circumstances permit, the events will be rescheduled and we look forward to seeing you at them and celebrating your achievements. We will be in touch as soon as circumstances permit.

  • When will I be able to receive my final transcript and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) via my eQuals?

    Digital transcripts, testamurs and AHEGS will be progressively issued to MyeQuals after the conferral in July.

  • Am I now an alumnus / alumna of the University?

    Yes! Once a student’s award is conferred, they become part of the University’s alumni community. Further details can be found under ‘Alumni’ on the Fremantle Campus Graduation webpage.

  • Overview

    You need to apply to graduate to receive your Award from the University.

    You can either receive your Award at the Graduation Ceremony or apply to graduate in absentia.

    If your Award is conferred in absentia, you cannot attend a future graduation ceremony for that specific Award. The date printed on your Award is the date your qualification was conferred and not the date you completed the program. The conferral date cannot be backdated to your completion date.

  • Enquiries

    Contact your School or should you have any enquiries and keep checking back for future updates. Your Notre Dame email account will be used for all correspondence. Please note you will not receive any notifications of your Graduation Status via email.

  • Graduation status

    You can view your graduation status in Student Centre under:

    Student Centre > Self Service > Degree Progress/Graduation > View Graduation Status.

    The possible Graduation Statuses are:

    • Applied for Graduation: Your application to graduate was received for assessment.
    • Program in Review: Your application to graduate is under assessment.
    • Approved: Your application to graduate has been approved. The academic requirements of your program have been met, and so you are eligible to graduate.
    • Degree Awarded: You have already completed your studies, have not yet graduated, and have applied to become “Program Complete” or the academic requirements of your program have been met, and you are eligible to graduate.
    • Denied: Unfortunately, the academic requirements of your program have not been met, and so you are not currently eligible to graduate. Please contact your School to discuss.
  • Apply to Graduate

    If you believe you are in your last semester of study you must apply to graduate via the online process in your Student Centre by the published deadline. You may apply to graduate if you have satisfied the requirements of the relevant Award; and paid all fees, charges or fines which are outstanding.

    The How to apply for graduation guide will show you step-by-step how to apply. You will also receive an email from the Head of Campus inviting all eligible students to apply to graduate with the How to apply for graduation guide.

    Once you have applied, your Graduation Status will show as “Applied to Graduate”.

    Applications for July Graduation are open from Monday, 9th March, 2020 to Sunday 29th March.

    Your Testamur is an official document and should list your full legal name. Your name on your Testamur cannot change after the conferral of your Award. Please ensure your personal information is correct in your Student Centre. You can change your name by completing the Amendment to Personal Details form and submitting the relevant documentation to Student Administration and Fees.

  • Upon Receipt of your Application to Graduate

    Your School will assess whether you have fulfilled all of the requirements of your Award or will fulfil all of the requirements of your program pending successful completion of your current semester's courses. Your Graduation Status will change to “Program in Review”.

  • Ceremony Attendance, RSVP and Graduation Tickets

    Ceremony Attendance & RSVP
    You need to confirm your attendance (Yes or No) at your graduation ceremony irrespective of whether you will be attending or graduating in absentia. If you wish to graduate in absentia please respond with ‘No’ as you will not attend.

    The Graduation Coordinator will send you an email with instructions on “How to RSVP” for the ceremonies. You need to record your attendance and guest numbers for your ceremony and the Graduation Mass. You will be able to indicate if you and/or your guests have any special seating requirements. The University will contact you to discuss your requirements.

    If you are unable to attend your ceremony and choose to graduate in absentia, please note, you will miss the opportunity to attend a future ceremony for that specific Award.

    Graduation Tickets
    You are offered two (2) tickets for guests to attend your ceremony. Once the number of Graduands has been confirmed there may be a small allocation of extra tickets but this is not guaranteed. There is no charge for tickets to the graduation ceremonies.

  • 2020 Graduation Events

    July Graduation

    The dates and time of the Graduation Mass and Graduation Ceremonies will be confirmed when finalised.

    Venue: Drill Hall (ND25), Mouat Street, Fremantle Campus,
    The University of Notre Dame Australia
    Time: Ceremony 1 – 1:00 PM
    Schools of Arts & Sciences, Business, Education, Health Science and Law

    Ceremony 2 – 5:00 PM
    Schools of Medicine, Nursing & Midwifery, Philosophy & Theology and Physiotherapy

    December Graduation

    The dates and time of the Graduation Mass and Graduation Ceremonies will be confirmed when finalised.

  • Graduation regalia

    Graduands are required to wear the full academic regalia appropriate for their degree. Only those Graduands in correct academic regalia will be permitted to participate in the ceremony. Regalia Craft are the University’s supplier of regalia and have full details of correct hoods and sashes. If you are receiving more than one award, the regalia of the first named award should be worn. The first named award also indicates the ceremony that you will be required to attend.

    Regalia Craft will be taking orders for the July Graduation from May 2020.

    All orders to either hire or purchase regalia need to be made through the Regalia Craft website, Graduands must collect their regalia from Regalia Craft. Regalia is available for collection the week leading up to Graduation.

    Regalia for Mass:  Graduands wear only their Academic Gown to the Mass. Please do not wear the hood (colours) and/or mortar board.

    Regalia for Graduation Ceremony: Graduands are required to wear full academic regalia to the Graduation Ceremony (gown, hood and mortar board).

  • Dress code

    As Graduation Ceremonies are formal occasions, it is suggested that male Graduands wear a business suit or jacket and tie.  Shirt collars and shoes are required. Female Graduands are expected to wear neat, semi-formal attire.

  • Photographers

    GFP Graduations provide the photography and framing services for the University’s Graduation Ceremonies. GFP will be in attendance for each ceremony and framing and photography services will be available before and after each graduation ceremony. You can register and pay for your studio sitting and skip the paperwork on ceremony day. GFP also offers a free softcopy download of the Presentation Ceremonial Pose to every graduate.

    Additional information regarding graduation services available at your ceremony can be viewed at the GFP Graduations webpage

  • Official Academic Documents

    The University is now issuing digital versions of Academic Transcripts, the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements (AHEGS) and a copy of their Testamur to graduates through My eQuals.

    My eQuals is a secure platform used by all universities in Australia and New Zealand to issue and authenticate academic records in a digital format. You can use My eQuals to safely share your digital documents with anyone you choose, such as employers, universities, and other parties.

    Whenever an academic document is uploaded to My eQuals, you will receive an email from My eQuals to your Notre Dame email account.

    You will need to complete a registration with My eQuals the first time a document is uploaded, and for subsequent ones you will need to simply log in. Further details can be found in the My eQuals Registration & Login Process document.

    Upon graduation you will receive a hard copy Testamur. You can access your official Transcript through the My eQuals site.

    If you cannot attend the graduation ceremony you can graduate in absentia. You will be able to collect your Testamur from Student Administration from the day following the graduation ceremonies. You may nominate someone else to collect your testamur on your behalf by providing written consent via your student email account to Alternatively, your proxy can bring your authorisation when they come to Student Administration. Your proxy must also have photo identification.

  • Alumni

    The Office of University Relations is responsible for Alumni relations and the first step is to ensure we have your correct and up-to-date details upon graduation. Please take the time to update these details in your Student Centre, or visit the Alumni web page.