Graduation on the Sydney Campus

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28 July 2021

Due to the current NSW current Public Health Orders and the extension of the current lockdown until at least 28 August, it is not possible at this time to provide an update on when we will be able to proceed with rescheduling the 24 June ceremonies. Further information will be provided as soon as practicable and again thank you for your patience and understanding.

24 June 2021 Ceremonies

Due to the rapidly changing situation relating to COVID-19 in greater Sydney and a range of increasing restrictions and measures being introduced from 4:00PM Wednesday, 23 June, the University has regrettably decided not to proceed with the graduation ceremonies scheduled for Thursday 24th June.

This decision has been taken having regard to current NSW Public Health advice, the growing number of cases, number of exposure sites and the paramount importance of safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our graduates, students, staff and guests.

The University understands that this news is disappointing for all involved and we acknowledge that many graduates and guests had made arrangements to be able to attend. We share in this disappointment and appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.

Further information about rescheduling these ceremonies will be provided as soon as we are able to arrange these important milestone celebrations.

Please note:

  • Academic Regalia: Graduates who hired their regalia through Regalia Craft and have collected it are requested to hold on to it until further notice. Once decisions have been made regarding the ceremonies, further information will be provided (including details regarding returns, refunds, etc.). Any specific questions should be directed to Regalia Craft at
  • Tickets: Graduates and their guests are requested to hold on to the physical tickets which were issued for the 24 June ceremonies.

Thank you again for your understanding and should you have any questions please contact

  • 2021 Farewell Addresses

    At each graduation ceremony, the graduate with the highest Weighted Average Mark in attendance is invited to present the Farewell Address on behalf of all the graduates at that ceremony.

    For the 2021 ceremonies, Farewell Addresses were presented by:

    June 9 Ceremonies

    9:00 AM: Emma Kohen (Bachelor of Arts) on behalf of the 2020 graduates from the Schools of Arts & Sciences, Education, and Philosophy &Theology.

    1:00 PM: Madeleine Goodsir (Bachelor of Laws (Honours) / Bachelor of Arts) on behalf of the 2020 graduates from the Schools of Law, Medicine, and Nursing.

    5:00 PM: Alexander Du Maurier (Bachelor of Laws (Honours) / Bachelor of Commerce) on behalf of the 2020 graduates from the School of Business and 2021 graduates from the Schools of Arts & Sciences, Business, and Law.

  • 2020 & 2021 Graduation Ceremony Times and Livestream Links

  • 2020 & 2021 Graduation Ceremony Times and Livestream Links

  • Applying to Graduate

    Applications to graduate are now open.

    Graduation is not an automatic process, and you will be unable to graduate unless you formally apply. You can apply to graduate through Student Centre and applying is easy, with our How to Apply to Graduate guide providing step by step instructions.

    Applications received by 1 November 2021 will be reviewed ahead of the release of grades in December 2021, with those received after this time being assessed early in 2022.

  • Early progam complete

    If you require proof that you have completed your program ahead of your graduation, you may be eligible for an ‘Early Program Complete’.

    If you have successfully completed all the requirements of your degree and can see that there are no outstanding marks or grades on your record, then you can apply to have your academic record assessed by your school and in turn be marked as ‘Program Complete’. Please note that if you have any outstanding marks/grades then you are not yet eligible to apply for an ‘Early Program Complete’. Please liaise directly with your School if you have any outstanding marks/grades you would like to query/follow up.

    To request Early Program Complete, please email: and make sure to include your name, student ID number and the name of your program. We will then request that your school conducts a review your record to confirm that you have met all requirements. Once this has been confirmed, your student record will be updated to reflect your program completion and you will be notified via email to your Notre Dame account that you are officially ‘Program Complete’. You will then be able to purchase an academic transcript displaying this if you wish.

    If you choose to purchase a transcript it will be uploaded to My eQuals for you to access at any time and as often as you wish. You can then use this transcript for registration with an industry body, apply for employment or further study.

    Important - Please note the following:

    • Being recorded as ‘Program Complete’ automatically registers you as applying to graduate for the next set of Sydney ceremonies. This is ideal for most students, however if you do not wish to graduate in the next conferral of awards/ceremonies either by attending or in absentia, please ensure you advise us by email to:
    • A conferral date will not be shown on your transcript until your degree has been officially conferred.
    • All email correspondence must be sent through your Notre Dame student email account
    • Please keep monitoring your student email account, which will always be available to you, and the Sydney Graduation webpage for all the latest updates regarding your graduation.
  • Graduation Information Handbook

  • Graduation Items & Mementos

    A range of items to commemorate your graduation will be available in the Lower Town Hall after your ceremony. Below are some details of the suppliers we use, with some of them offering substantial discounts if you pre-order before your ceremony:

    Graduation Photography

    Graduation Photography provide a range of ceremony and portrait photography services, and their staff will take a photo of each graduand as they are presented with their award by the Chancellor. They will also be doing studio photography in Lower Town Hall after each ceremony. To assist in complying with COVID-19 restrictions, Graduation Photography are offering a pre-order service through their website:

    Ambassador Productions
    Ambassador Productions provide a range of commemorative plaques which can be made as a replica of your testamur. Their website is

    Jackson Frames
    Jackson Frames provide a range of frames for your testamur. Further details are available under the same link as Graduation Photography (

    NDA Store
    The ever-popular NDA Store will be offering a range of Notre Dame merchandise which you will be able to purchase on the day.

    Regalia Craft
    As well as academic regalia, Regalia Craft also have a range of commemorative graduation bears which can be purchased when you collect or return your regalia.

  • Graduation Mass details

    The annual Graduation Mass is an important aspect of graduation.

    We are pleased to confirm that the Principal Celebrant for this year’s Graduation Mass will be Bishop Richard Umbers, Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney. Bishop Umbers has a long association with Notre Dame, and we are delighted that he is available to celebrate this special Mass for you, our graduands.

    Date: Wednesday, 2 December 2020
    Time: 7:00 PM
    Location: St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney (opposite Hyde Park on College Street)

    Please note:

    • Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the maximum capacity of St. Mary’s Cathedral is 300 persons. As such, registration to attend (on a “first come” basis) by Friday, 20 November is essential.
    • All students who have applied to graduate in March 2021 have been sent an invitation via email (to their student email address) to register for the Graduation Mass, as have those students who have not yet applied to graduate, but whose academic record indicates that they are nearing the end of their studies.
    • If you have not received an invitation, but believe you are eligible to graduate, please contact the Graduation team at
    • Given the current capacity of St. Mary’s Cathedral, at this stage graduands are unable to bring guests to the Graduation Mass. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.
    • The Graduation Mass will be live streamed for those who are unable to attend in person.
  • Majors / Minors / Specialisations

    If your program has provision for Majors, Minors, or Specialisations, it is your responsibility to ensure that they have been recorded correctly. These can be viewed in Student Centre, under Student Centre, and then selecting ‘My Academics’ (under Academics). Any recorded Majors, Minors, or Specialisations will be listed under ‘My Program’ on the far right hand side.

    More detailed instructions are available via the link: Majors-Minors-Specialisations.

    Should you need to update any Majors, Minors, or Specialisations, please complete a Change of Course form as a matter of urgency, and by no later than 17 January 2021.

  • Official Academic Documents

    The University is now issuing digital versions of Academic Transcripts and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements (AHEGS) to graduands through My eQuals.

    My eQuals is a secure platform used by all universities in Australia and New Zealand to issue and authenticate academic records in a digital format. You can use My eQuals to safely share your digital documents with anyone you choose, such as employers, universities, and other parties. Further information is available in the My eQuals information flyer.

    Whenever an academic document is uploaded to My eQuals, you will receive an email from My eQuals to your ND email account. You will need to complete a registration with My eQuals the first time a document is uploaded, and for subsequent ones you will need to simply log in. Further details can be found in the My eQuals Registration & Login Process document.

    Upon graduation you will receive a hard copy testamur.

  • Virtual Graduation Ceremonies 29 March 2021

    Congratulations to the students who had their awards conferred at a series of virtual conferral ceremonies on Monday, 29 March 2021.

    Virtual Conferral Ceremony March 2021 Graduation Booklet

    Ceremony 1 – School of Arts & Sciences

    Ceremony 2 – School of Business & Law

    Ceremony 3 – School of Education

    Ceremony 4 – School of Education and School of Philosophy & Theology

    Ceremony 5 – School of Nursing

    Ceremony 6 – School of Nursing and School of Medicine