Retroactive withdrawal

This form should be used to apply for a retroactive withdrawal from a course(s) where the census date(s) and /or academic penalty date(s) have passed.

  • Guidelines for Retroactive Withdrawal Application – please read carefully

    1. Commonwealth Government requirements stipulate that the refund of tuition fees after the Census Date can only occur in special circumstances that:
      1. Are beyond the student’s control; and
      2. Did not make their full impact on the student until on, or after, the Census Date for the course of study; and
      3. Make it impracticable for the Student to complete the requirements for the course during the period which the student undertook, or was to undertake, the course (HESA Sections 36-21 and 104-30).
    2. You MUST attach supporting documentation from a third party with this application before it will be considered. Supporting documentation MUST include enough detail for your request to be appropriately considered. You may be asked for more information if your supporting documentation is not appropriate or sufficient.
    3. You are expected to have read and understood the University’s General Regulations and any relevant Policies or Guidelines that relate to a request for Retroactive Withdrawal before you complete and submit this application form.
    4. The Campus Registrar (or delegate) makes the final decision on any application. Other staff are not able to guarantee your application will be successful. Current students will be advised of the decision by email to your ND Student Email Account only. Noncurrent students will be advised by Post.

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