Dr Timo Rantalainen

  • Biography

    Dr Timo Rantalainen is Research Fellow at the Gerontology Research Center, Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, University of Jyväskylä, Finland.  Dr Rantalainen’s area of expertise pertains to neuromuscular and skeletal systems, specifically skeletal adaptation to mechanical loading and neural control of muscles, with a focus on estimating lower limb loading and bone responsiveness. Dr Rantalainen’s current research interests include: 1) the effect of loading on bone geometry, 2) neuromuscular function of muscle, 3) muscle and bone adaptations with age, and 4) the measurement of bone geometry using peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT).

    He has published 1 book chapter, 3 trial protocols, and 54 peer-reviewed scientific articles (20 as first author). Dr Rantalainen is a founding member of the Western Australian Bone Research Collaboration (WABRC), which explores bone health and disease in a cross-institutional and multi-disciplinary environment with academics and clinicians. Dr Rantalainen has built a strong working collaboration with Dr Nicolas Hart, Associate Professor Sophia Nimphius, Clinical Associate Professor Aris Siafarikas and Dr Paola Chivers (all founding members of the WABRC), co-supervising several research students and collaborating on a series of research projects with these respective people.