Geoff and Moira Churack

Geoff Churack AM, a successful Western Australian businessman, has suffered from chronic neuropathic pain for more than five years. His condition has resulted from past injuries and unsuccessful back surgery. His pain is constant and unremitting and has had a devastating effect on his personal, business and family life.

Geoff, with time, has come to realise that many doctors do not possess a comprehensive awareness or understanding of the many issues facing chronic pain sufferers and has independently researched and tried numerous treatment options.

He expressed disbelief in realising that the teaching of pain medicine to graduates at Australian universities is not an essential part of a medical degree.

Similarly, Geoff has realised that even the best research institutions find it extremely difficult to get their research findings into the public domain.

Geoff has come to the conclusion that a coordinated program of research linked to medical education is the most likely route to solve this excruciatingly debilitative condition.

Through the generosity of Geoff and Moira Churack and their family, Notre Dame was able to embark on a worldwide search to attract a medical specialist of the highest calibre to take up the Chair in this important research area, and deliver their first-hand knowledge of chronic pain to medicine students at the University.

Geoff Churack AM and Moira Churack