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Our approach to professional ethics is unique

Located within The University of Notre Dame Australia, the Institute for Ethics & Society is a public-facing research institute, which aims to translate research outcomes into accessible and useful resources for industry.

The Institute values the insight and rigor of academic research and has developed considerable expertise in the field of professional ethics education that is practical and actionable for businesses. It is from this research that The University of Notre Dame Australia offers programs which support organisations to effectively address ethical issues and build robust ethical cultures.

We are committed to training leaders for ethical practice

Questions of ethical leadership, the distinction between compliance and professional ethics, and the challenge organisations face in prioritising ethical pathways in a competitive marketplace are addressed in the Institute for Ethics & Society’s training programs. Our expertise is grounded in three unique areas:

Academic research: The Institute for Ethics & Society has research strengths in normative ethics and in applied and professional ethics, including business ethics, bioethics and healthcare ethics. We also specialise in the history of moral philosophy, the philosophy of character and virtue ethics, and in ethics education for the professions.

International collaborations: Our research and practice in professional ethics draws from leading researchers and innovators around the world.

Track-record of successful and diverse professional engagements: The Institute has been engaged to deliver ethics education training and consultancy by Government, commercial businesses and not-for-profits within a diverse range of industries.


“We believe institutions can prosper in a new age of accountability. Drawing on leading academic research in applied ethics, we work with organisations across society to foster greater ethical awareness in professional life.”

Dr John A. Rees (PhD, UNSW)

Director of the Institute for Ethics & Society and
Associate Professor of International Relations

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Additional services

The Institute can also be engaged by commercial organisations to deliver tailored services, including:

  • Keynote addresses at commercial and professional conferences
  • Seminars and workshops on specific ethical issues
  • Tailored advice
  • Coaching and mentoring

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The Institute for Ethics & Society is a national institute of The University of Notre Dame Australia which focusses on collaborative research projects. We curate three active research programs in the areas of Moral Philosophy & Ethics Education (including Professional Ethics), Bioethics & Healthcare Ethics, and Religion & Global Ethics. We foster ethical awareness in social and professional life through academic research, public engagement, and ethics education.

Your organisation can give back to the community by supporting Fellowships and Prizes programs and by partnering with us in Collaborative Research projects.

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