February 2018

QndA - 15 February 2018

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  • Introduction and guest background

  • 1. What are some of the biggest challenges in mental health?

  • 2. Is technology a hindrance to the capacity for human reflection?

  • 3. Are we experiencing a disintegration of trust in society and does technology play a part?

  • 4.The relationship of mindfulness to Zen Buddhism. Is it safe for Catholics to practice mindfulness?

  • 5. In circumstances of poor mental health or low self-esteem is it best for us to avoid spiritual belief/religion?

  • 6. Can mindfulness help us to die well?

  • 7. How do we practice a non-judgmental approach in mindfulness and meditation?

  • 8. How can mindfulness practically help?

  • 9. Does mindfulness have its limits?

  • 10. If we have lost a sense of meaning is mindfulness only a band aid solution?

  • Resources on mindfulness