May 2019

Media and Morality.
Panellists: Monica Doumit, Prof Janis Ozolins, Nic Zumaran, Assoc. Prof Camilla Nelson, Andrew West

  • How well is religion represented in media?

  • What is the Australian attitude towards religion?

  • Reporter attitudes to faith, is there a disconnect?

  • Are media authors achieving balance and objectivity?

  • How do we cultivate skills as well as character in young journalists?

  • How important is the pursuit of truth in journalism?

  • How accurately do we use words and headlines? About the ‘Fixed It’ movement

  • How significant is the choice of words in reporting?

  • What is the significance of providing context to a story? Is there time to do this?

  • Do data sets on social media accurately represent reality?

  • Are any strategies for recruiting good journalists being overlooked by media organisations?

  • How important is age and experience in journalism?

  • What should be the consequences of misinforming the public?