Dr Rosemary Hancock

Lecturer, Co-Convener Religion and Global Society Research Focus Area 

Email: rosemary.hancock@nd.edu.au

  • Biography

    Rosie is co-convener of the Religion and Global Ethics program and is Managing Editor of Solidarity: Journal of Catholic Social Thought and Secular Ethics.

    She is a sociologist of religion who researches the engagement of religious actors in grassroots politics, with a strong expertise in environmental politics. She is a world-leading expert on Islamic environmentalism. Her research grapples with the myriad ways religion motivates and structures political action, the relationship between religious and political practice, and how the engagement of religious people and organizations in grassroots politics transforms both those spaces – and religious communities themselves.

  • Teaching areas

    Rosie teaches into the social justice program in the School of Arts and Sciences including the courses 'Activating Social Change' and 'Social Justice and the Natural World'.

    Rosie is not teaching in 2020.

  • Research expertise and supervision

    Rosie's primary expertise is in the sociology of religion, particularly religious engagement in grassroots politics or progressive social causes (with a focus on Islamic environmentalism or Islamic social justice activism). She is currently researching the role of religion in broad-based community organizing, and a southern-theory approach to religious activism. Rosie also has an interest in gender and on-line religion.

  • Books

    Islamic environmentalism: Activism in the United States and Great Britain (London: Routledge, 2018)

  • Book chapters

    • “Islamic Environmentalists, Activism, and Religious Duty” in Mario Peucker and Merve Keyiki (eds.) Muslim Volunteering in the West: Between Islamic Ethos and Citizenship. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020), 141-160.
    • “Environment and Religion”, “Activism”, and “Refugees and Religion” in Adam Possamai and Tony Blasi (eds.) SAGE Encyclopedia of the Sociology of Religion (SAGE Publications, 2020).
    • “Ecology in Islam.” In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion. Oxford University Press. Article published May 2019. Available at: https://oxfordre.com/religion/view/10.1093/acrefore/9780199340378.001.0001/acrefore-9780199340378-e-510
    • “Islamic Environmental Organizations in Great Britain” in Timothy Peace (ed.) Muslim Political Participation in Great Britain. (London: Routledge, 2015), 103-123.
  • Journal articles and proceedings

    • 2020. “Environmental Conversions and Muslim Activists: Producing Knowledge at the Intersection of Religion and Politics.” Social Movement Studies 19 (3): 287-302.
    • 2019. “Religion in Coalition: A Case Study of the Sydney Alliance.” Religions 10 (11): 610.
    • 2017. “Islamophobia, National Security, and Religious Freedom in the U.S.” Journal of Religious and Political Practice 4 (1): 61-77.
    • 2015. “Is there a paradox between religion and liberation? Islamic Environmental Activism in the United States and Great Britain.” Journal for the Academic Study of Religion 28 (1): 42-60.
  • Conference papers

    • 2019. 'Urban Politics and Religious Communities' AASR Conference, Newcastle, Australia.
    • 2019. 'Religion and race in urban grassroots politics: Comparing Australia and the United States'. ISA Conference, Barcelona, Spain.
    • 2018. 'Faithful democracy: combining religious and political practice in the Sydney Alliance.' TASA conference, Melbourne, Australia.
    • 2018. 'Religion and Non-Violent Social Movements' Session Organizer. ISA World Congress of Sociology, Toronto, Canada.
    • 2018. 'The Dynamics of Religious Faith and Community Organizing: A Case Study of the Sydney Alliance.' AASR conference, Auckland, New Zealand.
    • 2017. 'Environmental conversions and Muslim activists: Producing knowledge at the intersection of politics and faith.' TASA conference, Perth, Australia
  • In the media

    Activism and Belief

  • Professional affiliations

    • Editorial Board Member - Sociological Review
    • Book Reviews Editor - Journal for the Academic Study of Religion
    • Co-convenor, Sociology of Religion Thematic Group, The Australian Sociology Association (2015 - 2019)
  • Awards

    • 2018 Australian Academy of the Humanities ECR Travelling Fellowship
    • 2013 Equinox Press Postgraduate Essay Prize
    • 2012 Endeavour Award: Postgraduate Research Fellowship
  • Other

    • 2018 Mentee - ARC Kathleen Fitzpatrick Laureate Fellowship Mentoring Scheme