The Aboriginal Research Methodology Course (ARMC)


The Nulungu Research Institute has been delivering the Aboriginal Research Methodology Course since 2017. The course originated through collaboration with Nulungu and Madjulla Incorporated. Initially seed funded through the Collaborative Research Network (CRN) project, Professor Juli Coffin (previously Director of Nulungu Research Institute and now Nulungu Adjunct Professor) and Associate Professor Sandra Wooltorton (Senior Research Fellow) along with Dr Anne Poelina and Mr Ian Perdrisat (Madjulla Incorporated), identified there was an opportunity and a need to develop a research course, with the capabilities to enhance the skills of current and future Aboriginal Researchers, and Project Managers within the Kimberley region.

The course development and delivery was subsequently funded by Mary Mackillop Foundation (currently known as Mary Mackillop Today), for a period of three years. With ongoing collaboration with Madjulla, Nulungu has delivered the course on six separate occasions between 2017-2019. The course has proven to be both successful and popular, with demand increasing each year. It is a unique program within the research field and our region, therefore we have decided to continue to deliver this course for years to come.

Course Delivery

The Aboriginal Research Methodology Course is available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It is held on Broome campus over three days. With the current coronavirus challenges, Nulungu is looking to develop online/remote modules ready for delivery to remote communities in 2021. We will continue to monitor updates relating to COVID-19 and will keep this site updated as restrictions and requirements change.

Course Structure

The courses consists of two stages: ‘Stage 1: Introduction to Aboriginal Research Methodology for Aboriginal People’ and ‘Stage 2: Aboriginal Research Methods for Aboriginal People’. The course involves workshops and lectures over three consecutive days.  For further information on each stage see below. Stage 1 is delivered twice a year and Stage 2 once a year. Dates for 2020 are listed at the bottom of page.

Course Fees

The registration fee per a person is $300 (GST included).
Payment can be made in person at UNDA Broome Campus Deputy Vice Chancellor’s office located 88 Guy Street, Broome. We also take cheque, purchase orders or credit card payments over the phone. For payment enquiries contact the DVC office (08) 9192 0646.

Stage 1: Introduction to Aboriginal Research Methodology for Aboriginal People.

‘Introduction to Aboriginal Research Methods for Aboriginal People’ aims to give Aboriginal people an insight into how research can be undertaken from a sympathetic, respectful, and ethically correct fashion from an Aboriginal perspective.

The program targets Aboriginal people across all disciplines living and working within the Kimberley region, who are interested in increasing their knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal Research. The course can also be undertaken by other Indigenous people across Australia where there is demand and interest.

The three-day Professional Development program targets Aboriginal people looking to develop their knowledge and skills in applied research, with particular relevance for Aboriginal people in training, as well as those already working in a range of industries, but who may not be aware they are already engaging with Aboriginal research.

The program acknowledges Aboriginal people have a wealth of lived experiences and collective wisdom. Learners will be introduced to examples of research literature and discuss ways to incorporate new knowledge into their research and other professional roles.  These life-long learning experiences will be promoted and will be a critical part of sharing stories of lived experiences as Aboriginal people, which can then be implemented to future projects relevant to the individuals.

Stage 2: Introduction to Aboriginal Research Methods for Aboriginal People

Stage 2 builds on the learnings of Stage 1, and is also open to those who have prior experience in Aboriginal Research/Projects. The Course aims to give Aboriginal people access to new knowledge into how research and evaluation can be undertaken from a sympathetic, respectful, and ethically correct Aboriginal perspective.

The Program will target Aboriginal people across disciplines who are living and working in the Kimberley region, and are interested in increasing their knowledge and understanding of applied Aboriginal Research.

Learners will be required to identify and write a small funding grant to communicate a research project and or program. It will increase participants’ knowledge and practice of data sovereignty and the protection of Aboriginal Intellectual Property and cultural knowledge.

2020 Course Dates

Stage 1:  Introduction to Aboriginal Research Methods for Aboriginal People

Date: Tuesday 22nd – Thursday 24th September 2020
8:00am – 5:00pm
UNDA Broome Campus Hall NDB10/101

Registrations: Registration closing date is Friday 18th September 2020


There will be Stage 2 of this course in December 2020, date to be confirmed.

For further information contact:
Uweinna Albert | +61 8 9192 0670 |