Dr Anne Poelina

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Nulungu Research Institute

GDip Healh Prom., MEd, MA, MPHlth&TropMed, PhD

Email: majala@wn.com.au

  • Biography

    Anne is a Yimardoowarra marnin: an Indigenous woman from the Mardoowarra, Fitzroy River who has been appointed as an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow by the IHR and Nulungu Institute in Broome. She has been a research consultant and research fellow for various universities for more than 28 years. She is an Adjunct Fellow of Charles Darwin University and an affiliate of Gaia University and has been a staff member of several other universities including the University of Queensland and the Southern Cross University.

    Dr Poelina is a highly qualified academic with three Master degrees and a PhD. She also has two undergraduate awards. Her PhD addresses the topic of Nyikina Indigenous Australian tradition and the importance of heritage and language to both Nyikina people’s social, cultural and economic wellbeing. It is entitled: Action Research to Build the Capacity of Nyikina Indigenous Australians and is categorized as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social and Emotional Wellbeing. Anne’s undergraduate qualifications and experience are in nursing, and her first Master qualification is in Public Health. Her current work focuses on building culture and conservation economies on country, which is on the National Heritage Listed Fitzroy River, in the West Kimberley region of Western Australia.

    Anne is currently a co-supervisor of a MPhil student enrolled through the Burn Injury Research Node in the School of Physiotherapy and A MPhil student exploring cultural and social determinants of health.

  • Research expertise and supervision

    Aboriginal Health, Education and Research
    Indigenous Environmental Philosophy

  • Publications

    • Poelina, A. and Nordensvard, J., 2017 Sustainable Luxury Tourism, Indigenous communities and governance in M.A. Gardetti and S.S. Muthu (editors) Handbook on Sustainable Luxury, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, Springer.
    • Poelina, Anne. 2017, Protecting the River of Life, AUSTRALIA Vatican Museums Ethnological Collection, Vatican City, Rome.
    • Michelle Lim, Anne Poelina and Donna Bagnall (2017) Can the Fitzroy River Declaration Ensure the Realisation of the First Law of the River and Secure Sustainable and Equitable Futures for the West Kimberley, 32 Australian Environment Review.
    • Taylor, KS, Moggridge, BJ & Poelina, A, 2017, ‘Australian Indigenous Water Policy and the impacts of the ever-changing political cycle’, Australasian Journal of Water Resources, vol. 21, no. 1, Available online: < a href="http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/twar20/current" target="_blank">http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/twar20/current
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    • Poelina, A., p. 1 cited in Vogwill, R., (2015) Water Resources of the Mardoowarra, (Fitzroy River) Catchment, The Wilderness Society, Perth, Western Australia.
    • Alexandra, J., Spencer, M., & Poelina, A., Exploring Water Governance in the Kimberley, Unpublished report, Broome., Western Australia.
    • Poelina, A., 2016, Standing together for Kandri, Book Chapter submitted for publication, University of South Australia, Adelaide.
    • Poelina, A., 2016, Protecting the River of Life, Essay submitted for publication, Vatican City, Rome.
  • Conference presentations

    In 2015 - 2018

    • Guest Speaker and Contributing Author -Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Institute Launch - The Vatican Museum Indigenous Collection, Protecting the River of Life, 7th December 2017 Canberra ACT.
    • Key Note Address - 20th International Riversymposium and Environmental Flows Conference, 18-20 September 2017 in Brisbane. Australia.
    • Guest Speaker 2017, Earth Ball, Earth Watch Institute, 8th September, Melbourne Australia.
    • Key Note Address Australian Women's Leadership Forum, Australian Women's Symposium, 11th May, 2017, Perth, Western Australia.
    • Water Futures: International Dialogue- Art House 26th-28th February 2017, Melbourne, Victoria. Presentations a) Decolonising Climate Change, b) Living Water Project (Indigenous Rights and Actionism).
    • Key Note Speaker - Celebrating Women in Conservation Annual Breakfast, Trust for Nature, 2nd March 2017, Melbourne, Victoria.
    • Progress2015, Mobilisation of Citizen Agendas. Melbourne, 7-9 May.
      Presentation: Understanding the strategies of War for Peace Making: Conflict to Co-operation.
    • 15th World Water Congress, Edinburgh Scotland, May. 
      Presentation: Water identity, intercultural dialogue, and the implications of financing different aspects of assessing large water infrastructure projects.
    • The International Scientific Conference: Our Common Future under Climate Change, Paris, France, July.
      Presentation: Collaboration of Indigenous Science and Western Science to Protect Landscapes and Our Common Futures
    • Sydney Environment Institute Roundtable Discussion, Sydney University, July.
      Presentation: Defence of Country Aboriginal People dealing with the impacts of globalization in Australia.
    • 16th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation – Green Fiscal Reform: Protecting our Natural Resources for a Sustainable Future, University of Technology Sydney,September.
      Presentation: A Case Study for Environmental Tax Offsets: Collaboration of Indigenous Science and Western Science to Value and Protect Cultural and Geo-heritage Landscapes as Culture, Science and Conservation (Green) Economies,
    • Symposium – Leadership and the Construction of Environmental Concerns in Australia, University of Tasmania, December, 2015.
      Presentation: Environmental Leadership in Australia.
    • 16-17 August 2016 Building the new economy, activism and social change. Glebe Town Hall, Sydney NSW.
      22nd October 2016, Banco Court, Brisbane: CASE 1 – MARDOOWARRA/FITZROY RIVER VS FEDERAL AND WA GOVERNMENTS
      This case will be presented to a Citizen's Tribunal by traditional custodians of the Mardoowarra/Fitzroy River and will include claims that the River must have its legal rights recognised, in accordance with the traditional custodians’ ‘first laws’ and the rights of nature.
    • 3-7 Dec 2016 OneHealth EcoHealth Melbourne Vic.
      "Cultural Issues in land and water management, sustainable agriculture and food security".
  • Professional affiliations

    • Peter Cullen Fellow
    • Laureate Women’s Word Summit Foundation (WWSF), United Nations, Geneva
    • Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, The University of Notre Dame Australia, Broome Campus, Nulungu Research Institute
    • Research Fellow Centre for Northern Development, Charles Darwin University
  • Community engagement

    • Chair, Nyikina Association
    • Deputy Chair, Director Walalakoo Aboriginal Corporation (Nyikina Mangala) Native Title Body Corporate
    • Board and Councillor Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF)
  • Films (Director and Executive Producer)

    • Poelina, A., & McDuffie, M., Guardians of the Mardoowarra (2017, 12 mins)
    • Poelina, A., & McDuffie, M., Mardoowarra Right to Life (2017, 10 mins)
    • Poelina, A., Yoongoorrookoo (2017, 7 mins)
    • Poelina, A., & McDuffie, M., Indigenous Food Security (2017, 5 mins)
    • Poelina, A., & McDuffie, M., Pandanus Park Voice of Community (2017 13 mins)
  • Current research

    Fonds Pacific (French Australian and Pacific Island Nations) research Partnership. Increasingly, international attention is being focused on developing effective ways to improve integrated approaches to land and water management. This is the focus of the Fonds Pacifique Water Governance Project, which aims to identify key issues and opportunities via a scoping project based on a number of case studies in the Pacific, including a Kimberley case study. I am the Team Leader for the Kimberley Case Study.

    Legal and Biodiveristy Values of the Mardoowarra/Fitzroy River. This project aims to develop an understanding of the interactions and feedbacks between the multiple values of biodiversity in the Mardoowarra catchment. It also aims to assess the capacity of existing legal regimes to effectively and equitably regulate the cultural, environmental, social and economic values of biodiversity, and the interactions between these values. This is important to indigenous and non-indigenous stakeholders in the area due to the immediacy of the threats to cultural and biological diversity in the Mardoowarra. Local indigenous communities are working to have the Kimberly included on the World Heritage List and are exploring issues of legal recognition of the Mardoowarra watercourse. This project feeds directly into these aims.

    Stage 1 Study towards the Natural History & Cultural Park, Mardoowarra, Lower Fitzroy River, Kimberley region, WA in a research partnership with VCSRG Research Group to develop a database and baseline for the design of Natural History & Cultural Park for Education and Tourism in Mardoowarra region.

    Exploring Indigenous low carbon development and environmental protection: The nexus of climate change mitigation, environmental justice, and low carbon innovation in partnership with the UK University of Southampton Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences.