Young Achievers Early Offer Program applications now open!

Get a head start with an Early Offer

The Young Achievers Early Offer Program at Notre Dame provides Year 12 students with a chance to secure a place at the university before the main round of offers.

If you have completed an ATAR pathway in years 11 and 12 and are on track to receive an ATAR and WACE/HSC certificate (or equivalent) upon finishing your studies, the Early Offer program is an excellent opportunity for you to feel confident as you work towards your final exams.

When evaluating your eligibility, we take into account your involvement in extracurricular activities, community service and other non-academic accomplishments.

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Our team of experienced career advisors is here to guide you through the application process and answer any questions you may have.

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Pursue your academic dreams without worrying about fees. Successful applicants may also be eligible to apply for our $20,000 merit and opportunity scholarships.

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You can apply for an Early Offer for many undergraduate bachelor’s degrees but it does not provide entry to Bachelor of Biomedical Science or the Bachelor of Advanced Biomedical Science pathway to the Doctor of Medicine programs. Early Offer does not provide entry to postgraduate programs, such as the Doctor of Medicine.

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Why apply for an Early Offer?

Madison explains why an Early Offer can help you get a head start at University.

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Application key dates

Keep track of important dates for your program applications, including application opening and closing dates, as well as different offers release dates.

01 May

Early Offer applications open

02 Sep

Round 1 offers released

20 Sep

Round 2 offers released

04 Oct

Round 3 offers released

11 Dec

Round 4 offers released

00 TBC

Early Offer applications close

How to apply

  • What requirements do I need to prepare and submit with my Early Offer application?

    We want to know more about you, not just your academic achievements! In the application, you will be asked to provide details about your academic and non-academic achievements and commitments.

    Academic information

    • Students from Western Australia
      Ensure you have your SCSA ID ready to provide and prepare digital files of your Year 11 and Year 12 mid-year reports to upload.
    • Students from New South Wales
      Make sure you have your 8-digit NESA number and NESA Student eRecord for Year 11 results ready to provide. Prepare digital files of your Year 11 and Year 12 mid-year reports for upload.
    • Students from Interstate or International Baccalaureate applicants
      Prepare digital files of your school reports and other progress reports available.

    If you haven’t received your Year 12 report yet, you can apply and provide the report once available. All reports will only be considered where marks and/or grades for academic achievements are listed.

    Non-academic information

    At Notre Dame, we consider the whole person, so get ready to tell us about yourself by answering the following questions in your application form

    • Tell us how you contribute, and how frequently, to community life.
    • Why are you applying to study at Notre Dame?
    • Why have you chosen to study this degree?

    You may also wish to include supporting documentation for work, caring responsibilities at home, volunteering, sports, and school leadership, among other things.

    • a recommendation from your school or community group. Submitting a reference from your school or community group is optional, but it can help your application as we also consider your non-academic achievements. Recommendations must be provided as a PDF on school (or organisation) letterhead and be signed by the appropriate authority.
    • documents such as awards, certificates, articles and your curriculum vitae.

    Program specific information

    Some programs require specific information for accrediting bodies. Notre Dame complies with accreditation requests to ensure our graduates meet the requirements of their chosen industry. Visit How to apply to find out more.

  • Can I apply for special consideration?

    Please provide a written statement and supporting documentation in the Special Consideration Application Form. If you have applied for special consideration through UAC or TISC, you may provide a copy of this Educational Access Scheme (EAS) documentation instead of completing the Notre Dame form.

  • If my results are under the benchmark, can I still apply?

    Yes, you should. At Notre Dame, we consider the whole person, including non-academic achievements, which can contribute to your overall selection rank. If you do not secure an Early Offer, your application will automatically be in later rounds (so send us through your end of year reports for consideration), all the way through to main round. You won’t have to apply again. You will also be considered for pathway programs that, upon successful completion, can get you into the degree you want to study.

    Notre Dame also offers its Tertiary Pathway Program (TPP) in an intensive mode in early January for applicants who miss out on their program of choice. Students who successfully complete this can then commence their undergraduate degree in Semester 1. (Note: TPP is not a pathway to all undergraduate degrees).

  • How do I submit my supporting documents or final reports?

    If you have not yet submitted your application, you should upload them to your online application. Please submit files in the following formats: pdf, jpeg, png, doc or docx, with each file size not exceeding 2MB.

    If you have already submitted your application and wish to, or have been asked to, supply additional documentation, you should email this to the Admissions team via

  • When will I find out if I received an Early Offer?

    Offers for students applying to our Fremantle and Sydney campuses will be made in multiple rounds from September until early December.

    Please ensure that you have provided accurate information in your application, including your SCSA or NESA ID, along with your most recent reports or NESA eRecord. But just remember, every person is different and therefore every application is different! This means that you may find out about your application at a different time from other people. Offers for high-demand programs including the Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Fremantle Campus only) will be limited to Round 1 and Round 3 offer rounds.

    If you don’t receive an Early Offer in a specific round, your application will automatically be considered in later Early Offer rounds or at main round once final Year 12 results are released. So you don’t have to apply again.

  • What does a conditional Early Offer mean?

    All offers are conditional on applicants completing WACE/HSC and receiving an ATAR. At Notre Dame, we are committed to ensuring the integrity of the completion of your Year 12 studies.

    Some conditional offers may also require applicants to meet certain elements of the entry criteria that you have not yet met. There are two types of conditions: academic and non-academic (or both).

    • If you have not met the non-academic criteria, such as the statement of purpose for initial teacher education programs (e.g. Bachelor of Primary Education), once you have provided the requested information and it has been deemed sufficient, your offer will automatically become a firm offer.
    • If you are just short of meeting the academic criteria, you will be made a conditional academic offer. You are eligible for reassessment once additional Year 12 results become available. This may be before your examinations (e.g. Semester 2 report) or at main round once final Year 12 results are available.
  • If I accept an Early Offer, can I change my mind?

    Yes, you can. Get in touch with the Admissions team via if you are interested in changing degrees. Please be aware that some degrees have higher entry requirements and your application may have to be reassessed. If changing your preference to a high-demand program, you may not be eligible for consideration until main round, depending on the timing of the request.

    Applicants are advised to accept their offer as soon as they receive it. If your offer letter has a deadline to accept, you must accept by this date or you may lose your place in the program. Please note that accepting your offer will hold your place until enrolments open. The only way to truly secure your place is to enrol.

    Please note that applicants cannot have multiple active early offers.

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