The Notre Dame difference

It’s official, Notre Dame's distinctive approach to education has once again been recognised by the best critics of all – our students – as the No 1 university in Australia for Skills Development in the nationwide Federal Government Student Experience Survey 2019 on Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching.

Notre Dame is also amongst the top universities in Australia for Overall Quality of Educational Experience with a result of 88.4% (national average 78.9%). See media release.

Here are some of the reasons that make our student experience among the best in Australia and what it means for you.

Notre Dame. Natural critical thinkers.

The world is transforming rapidly and the type of higher education you choose is now more important than ever.

When you think critically and see the world from multiple points of view, you have the power to solve the world’s biggest problems. That's why philosophy and ethics play such essential roles in every Notre Dame degree. We challenge you to question everything, to separate real news from fake news, truth from lies and to distinguish information from knowledge.

As educators in the liberal arts tradition, critical thinking is part of our DNA. It’s our philosophy. Our guiding light. We call it our core curriculum. At Notre Dame, you are empowered with the fundamentals of critical thinking. You learn how to navigate a future that hasn't been dreamt of yet – to be an effective problem solver – providing life-long skills essential for a new generation of CEOs, entrepreneurs, leaders and global citizens, like you.

Professional experience

At Notre Dame, we aim to set you up for life beyond university. You learn from academics who have extensive experience in their fields. Through practicum placements, internship and volunteering programs, you will graduate with experience on your CV – a real advantage in getting the job you want.
According to results of the latest longitudinal Graduate Outcomes Survey, 92.7% of Notre Dame’s undergraduates were employed full-time within three years of graduating.  This figure places Notre Dame second nationally for medium term full-time graduate employment and first in WA.

It's personal

Our personalised approach starts with our admissions process, which goes beyond a single score. We not only look at your ATAR, we look at the person behind it. We consider your personal qualities, motivation to study and academic potential, your contribution to school, church or community life. Our smaller lecture sizes means you are on a first-name-basis with your lecturers. Mentoring and academic support programs help you be successful in your studies. That's why we are the No 1 university in Australia for Overall Experience (Good Universities Guide 2020).

Our locations

Notre Dame is a national Catholic Australian university with Campuses coast to coast: in the heart of central Sydney on Broadway and in Darlinghurst (Medicine and Nursing); at our foundation 'town university' campus in Fremantle's West End, south of Perth; and at Broome in the iconic Kimberley region.

Our students give us top marks

  • No.1 uni in Australia
    Overall Employment *

  • No.1 uni in NSW & WA
    Skills Development **

  • No.1 uni in NSW & WA
    Learner Engagement ***

*2021 Graduate Outcomes Survey-Longitudinal (medium term outcome), undergraduate category, **2020 Student Experience Survey, undergraduate and postgraduate coursework categories and ***2020 Student Experience Survey, undergraduate category -

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