Tertiary Pathways Program

Course descriptions - Sydney

ENAB0010 Communication Skills
This course examines the culture and expectations of higher education and promotes effective communication skills for a variety of learning environments. The course develops knowledge of English (structure, form and function) and the application of grammar, punctuation and sentence construction.  Students also develop effective communication skills and the knowledge, skills and processes of information technology used for academic purposes.

ENAB0020 Essential Mathematics
This course is designed to develop students' ability to interpret and solve mathematical problems using a variety of mental and written techniques. Students will develop their understanding and skills with whole and decimal number theory and mathematical problem solving strategies. This will include calculating with whole and fractional numbers, algebra, geometry, statistics and graphing. The understandings and skills developed in this course will allow students to interpret a given mathematical problem, select and apply an appropriate strategy or formula and use rounding, estimation and number sense to judge the reasonableness of their solution. Problems that may be encountered in, or are relevant to, students' daily lives or workplaces are emphasised. When applying skills, focus is placed on selecting the most efficient and appropriate strategy available, including the use of computers and calculators. Students will learn correct terminology and standard notation for recording mathematical processes. Students will work individually and in groups to complete exercises in each of the content areas.

ENAB0030 Research Skills and Information Literacy
This course provides foundational information literacy and academic research skills required for academic success in undergraduate education.  The course also promotes effective academic study by exposure to core information literacy concepts, the use of academic information resources in a variety of formats and effective academic research skills.

ENAB0040 Academic Writing
This course develops the ability to write effectively for a range of academic purposes.  An emphasis is placed on learning to incorporate research material into a range of academic texts by paraphrasing, quoting, summarising and applying correct referencing protocols.  The course will also develop technical writing skills for a range of academic purposes.

ENAB0070 Applied Learning
Pre-requisites: ENAB0100 Learning for University, ENAB0010 Communication Skills, ENAB0020 Essential Mathematics, ENAB0030 Research Skills and Information Literacy, ENAB0040 Academic Writing
This course aims to familiarize the student to the academic requirements of undergraduate programs. Weekly attendance of a first year course lecture (limited selection available) from students' proposed University course will ensure candidates are given the opportunity to apply learned skills such as note taking, critical thinking and reflection. Students will utilize this opportunity to reflect upon their vocational aim to enter a particular profession, as well as familiarize themselves with key terminology required for their chosen undergraduate course of study.

ENAB0100 Learning for University
This course is designed to orient students to university education as well as to satisfy the requirements of the Tertiary Pathway Program. The course develops independent learning and the skills required for success in higher education. The course promotes effective study techniques, organisational skills, and strategies for effective listening, reading and critical thinking for university purposes.