Early Offer gives Charlie clarity

For many Year 12s, choosing a degree and university is one of the first of many big career decisions they’ll have to make.

Comms & Media / Law student Charlie wasn’t sure of his future direction during his final year at Kolbe Catholic College – until he received an Early Offer to Notre Dame before sitting his final WACE exams.

Receiving an Early Offer meant I could go into my exams with confidence and with a positive mindset. I think having this certainty helped me achieve my best.

In addition to the advantages of the Early Offer program, Charlie says he was drawn to Notre Dame’s personal approach and focus on student experience.

“I was involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities throughout High School so the fact that this was recognised made a real difference.

“The uni’s practical focus means I have been really lucky to get plenty of work experience under my belt in both the Law and Media professions.”

The Core Curriculum – Philosophy, Theology & Ethics – is built into every Notre Dame degree and equips students with the fundamentals of critical thinking.

“Being able to think critically means I am able to think outside the box, solve problems creatively and consider how decisions effect different people – very important skills to have in both the Law and Media.”

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