Grace sets her sights on journalism

Notre Dame Media and Communications graduate Grace, credits the University with equipping her with the skills to become a confident leader with an analytical viewpoint.

"Notre Dame has helped me develop into a leader and I have become really critical in the way that I think," says Notre Dame Bachelor of Arts graduate, Grace.

"I want to be a political journalist and hopefully travel the world writing for different newspapers."

"Since being at university I have a more analytical view on things and question things a lot more. I challenge what is out in the media and for me that has been a huge thing to have an open mind and be able to see both sides of a situation. I am a stronger person in lots of different fields, not just journalism."

Grace cites practical experience and one-to-one teaching as unique elements in her degree. She is now working as a Communications Officer for the Department of Parks and Wildlife's public information and corporate affairs branch, further to an internship she completed as part of her degree.

"Notre Dame is unique because of its size. Every single student gets a look in and everyone is really involved. You are involved with the teachers and they are involved with you."

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