Imparting life skills and confidence into young people

Communications & Media and Behavioural Science graduate Isabella is the Founding Director of The Meet Up Collective, an academic and pastoral wellbeing program that works with high school students.

“Media platforms hold a lot of power over our social norms and climate. Understanding people, the reasons we do what we do and the factors that contribute to our wellbeing allows me to address the needs of young people academically and personally,” Isabella says.

“Notre Dame’s core units encouraged me to think critically and constantly question. This lens is something I've carried into my work with our students and have also helped them to develop.”

Isabella began mentoring students while studying her degree and she identified a gap in the education system and the services that were currently available.

“I have a vision which involves the bringing together of young people who are facing similar stresses. By providing them a safe, judgment free space in which they are consistently exposed to encouragement, inspiration, motivation and support as well as practical tools, their emotional wellbeing will improve. A by-product of this is enhanced self-esteem which leads to the establishment of leadership qualities and academic success”.

Now in its second year The Meet Up Collective works alongside schools, departments, mentors and mentees to bring transformative change to young people.

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