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Passion and commitment count for everything when you are chasing your dream. Just ask Christi Gildenhuys.

As a pathway into Notre Dame's Doctor of Medicine degree, Christi combined a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) degree with a Pre-Medicine Certificate.

“It helped me learn the humanised approach to Medicine on top of Biomed which is heavily science- based,” says Christi.

“A feature of the Pre-Med program is the Aboriginal Health unit which is based on the Broome Campus. You experience everything on country, learn all about rural health and medicine with the help of the Aboriginal Elders. It was a real high point for me.

“The pastoral care at Notre Dame is another standout. I got to know my lecturers and tutors well. Having that personal relationship really helps your learning,” she says.

“You get so much support and help through the process. That means you can really focus on enjoying what you’re learning and look after yourself when the pressure starts to mount.”

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