Jesse immerses himself in the world of philosophy

Bachelor of Philosophy student, Jesse, is delving into key moral questions that impact on human well-being and has found the expert guidance to equip him for a future in this field at Notre Dame’s School of Philosophy.

“Notre Dame and its values provide a fundamental basis in which philosophy can flourish and thrive,” Jesse says.

“All human beings strive for a form of flourishing, a quality of life they wish to live. With this in context I aspire to use the studies of morality to impact the world by finding ways in which all people can achieve a flourishing life”, he explains.

Exploring these moral questions, along with their practical implications, underpins Notre Dame’s Philosophy & Theology degrees.

“The world which surrounds you at Notre Dame provides you with a high level of support from both the staff and those who are on the same journey as you are,” Jesse says.

“Constantly delving into questions is therapeutic and leaves you with a sense of achievement that does not go away…Surrounding myself with this world has provided me with a sense of meaning and achievement which has made every step at Notre Dame one in which I have enjoyed.”

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