Broome Campus

Located in Western Australia’s picturesque Kimberley region, the town of Broome has a rich and diverse history. As one of Australia’s most visited tourist destinations, Broome has built upon its prosperous pearling industry to become a vibrant community filled with European and Asian influences, and a strong connection with the Indigenous Yawuru people.

A stone’s throw from the world-renowned Cable Beach, our Broome Campus continues in its mission of training professionals for schools, health services and Aboriginal communities in Australia’s far north.

Established in 1994 on the site of the former Nulungu College – with support and guidance from the Catholic Diocese of Broome – the University provides pathway and tertiary education opportunities for local people from the comfort of their own community. As part of its ‘call to mission’, the Broome Campus is an effective agent for reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and growing the spiritual connections on country and in faith.

Our Broome Campus is home to the Nulungu Research Institute. It was established with the goal of delivering excellence in research through valuing community-based Indigenous knowledge.