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At Notre Dame we’re shaping a new generation of leaders - the critical thinkers. No matter what your career choice, we provide you with a crucial skillset that will empower you to make a difference and navigate a future that hasn’t even been dreamt of yet. 

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  • Skills development
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  • Graduate employability
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  • Skills scale
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At Notre Dame we look at more than your ATAR, we look at the person behind it.  We also consider your achievements, contribution to community and your leadership potential.  Applying directly is easy - simply take a look at our entry requirements and using the buttons below.




Notre Dame

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Law graduate and lawyer at Gilbert + Tobin


Education graduate and teacher
in NSW and developing countries


Bachelor of Commerce | Olympic Athlete
& Member of Notre Dame Elite Athlete Program


Nursing Student and saved a life using CPR


Arts and Sciences student and women's rights advocate