National School of Law & Business

Graduates are equipped with the expertise, confidence and practical skills to adapt and excel in today’s highly competitive business and law environment.

The School of Law & Business aims to deliver a career-focused education that will equip you with the practical skills and knowledge required to adapt and excel in the highly competitive worlds of law and business. For those of you who choose to study Law, you will benefit from our distinctive and fully accredited law program that has been designed in consultation with some of Australia’s most respected judges, barristers and solicitors. You will experience a commitment to the rule of law, the promotion of the highest standards of professional responsibility and ethical conduct and to improving our community. You will also have the opportunity to gain professional insights through mentoring, internships and through discussions with our academic staff.

For those of you interested in studying Business, you may choose from a range of Majors such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Public Relations, Economics, Human Resource Management and (in Fremantle) Sports and Recreation. You will also be able to build your professional skills, experience and confidence through our internship program, as well as other career development opportunities including industry placements, industry-led workshops and mentoring.

“Our objective is to graduate students who are not only equipped to be successful in the workplace but are keen to make a real contribution to the common good.”

Professor Michael Quinlan
BA LLB LLM (UNSW) MA (Theo St) (with High Distinction) (UNDA) LPC (CL)

National Head of the School of Law & Business

Welcome from Prof Michael Quinlan

Welcome from Professor Michael Quinlan

Welcome to The University of Notre Dame Australia and to the School of Law & Business. At the School of Law & Business we want to assist you to achieve your full potential, whether your aim is to join the legal profession, to enter the business world or to use the knowledge and skills gained through your studies for other purposes. We are committed to providing our students with an excellent standard of teaching and training for their profession, and our range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are designed to help you thrive in your chosen field.

Our academic staff include many experienced business people, barristers, solicitors and legal advisers. Their experience is as diverse as the legal profession and the industries they represent, some coming from a corporate background or having worked in politics, and others coming from large and small firms, government, not-for-profits or religious organisations around Australia and overseas.

As a School within a Catholic university, we have a commitment to the pastoral care of our students and to developing graduates with a solid ethical foundation and an ability to think critically. Our objective is to graduate students who are not only equipped to be successful in the workplace but are keen to demonstrate their professional responsibility and to make a real contribution to the common good. This contribution may be in their day to day work, in the research that they undertake or in their volunteering and engagement with the community through pro bono work.

If you are joining us as a new student or returning to complete your degree, I wholeheartedly welcome you. If you are considering studying with the School of Law & Business and have any questions about the University, our School or the degrees we offer, we would be delighted to hear from you.



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