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The Policy Portal contains all University approved policies, procedures and guidelines. You will also find information on how to develop and review University policy documents.

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View the Policies, Procedures and Guidelines page to find a University policy, procedure or guideline using the Search function or browse by Category - Academic, Management, Governance and For students.

What are policy documents?

  • Policies are rules or principles that explain statutory, regulatory or organisational requirements.
  • Procedures explain how and when to implement a policy.
  • Guidelines provide more detailed information about how to effectively implement aspects of a policy or procedure.

Policy documents should be considered with reference to relevant Regulations and the University Statutes.

Policy Framework (staff login only )

The University Policy Framework sets out processes for managing and maintaining policy documents, including the development and approval of new policy documents and major amendments to existing policy documents.

This process is outlined in Process for Development and Approval of New Policy Documents and Major Amendments to Existing Policy Documents.

Before developing a new or significantly revised University policy document, a proposal should be set out using the Policy Proposal Form and returned to the University’s Senior Operations Officer.

The University Secretariat maintains a central Policy Register to formally record University policy documents.

Policy Templates (staff login only )

Policy templates ensure consistency across all policy documents and should be used when developing, implementing, maintaining and reviewing policies. View the current Policy, Procedure and Guideline templates.

Recently approved University policy documents

Title Date approvedSummary
Guideline: Thesis by Publication (effective 1 January 2020)27 November 2019Reformatted to new Guideline template; inclusion of Roles and Responsibilities section; achieved alignment with rigorous standards in the sector
Policy: Procurement20 August 2019New policy
Procedure: Purchasing and Procurement Processes20 August 2019New procedure
Policy: Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault 14 October 2019 Amended in accordance with external reviewer’s recommendations.
Procedure: Disclosing Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment 14 October 2019 Amended in accordance with external reviewer’s recommendations; incorporation of existing content from former Procedure: Responding to Disclosure of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment.