Notre Dame Schools

The University provides a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs coast to coast in the following Schools.

  • School of Arts & Sciences

    Challenging and innovative undergraduate degrees in Arts, Communications & Media, Behavioural Science, Counselling and Science prepare students for fulfilling careers in a range of industries. A range of post graduate options are also available.

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  • School of Business

    Extensive workplace learning opportunities prepare our Business students for a rapidly changing and increasingly globalised corporate world. Through our extensive Business Internship Program, graduates are equipped with the expertise, confidence and practical skills to adapt and excel in today’s highly competitive business environment.

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  • School of Education

    Reflecting our role as a leader in the vocation of teaching, Notre Dame offers a complete spectrum of educational degrees with an extensive range of specialisations. An extensive 32-weeks of teaching practice provides an extensive teaching apprenticeship.

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  • School of Health Sciences

    Based at our Fremantle Campus, the School of Health Sciences is focused on graduating health professionals who are passionate about working with a collective aim to improve community health. Degrees involve practicum placements in hospitals, community health centres and pathology labs to equip graduates for successful careers in areas such as biochemistry, exercise and sports science, health education and health research.

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  • School of Law

    Leaders from the legal profession and the judiciary have developed a curriculum for the University that is both intensely challenging and highly practical. The exceptional quality of the Bachelor of Laws degree is reflected in a very high graduate satisfaction and employment rate.

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  • School of Medicine

    The School’s mission is to provide excellence in medical education, research and scholarship with the aim of graduating doctors to serve in areas of unmet need, specifically in the country’s vast remote and rural areas. To support the mission, we have established seven clinical schools in Sydney, Melbourne and in rural locations across NSW. Four-year Doctor of Medicine (MD) degrees are offered.

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  • School of Nursing & Midwifery

    At the cornerstone of our Nursing programs is a commitment to equip students with the skills and confidence to work in hospital, community and health care settings. Extensive clinical experience – the most comprehensive in the country – is offered through collaborative and strong external partnerships with industry. Nursing degrees are complemented by a postgraduate degree in Midwifery available at the Fremantle Campus.

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  • School of Philosophy & Theology

    Our Philosophy degree prepares students for a wide variety of professions including teaching, public policy, international diplomacy and advocacy. The Theology degree is for students who wish to pursue personal and spiritual growth or their specific vocational and ministerial goals.

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  • School of Physiotherapy

    The Physiotherapy degree provides a comprehensive foundationin the sciences equipping students with the skills to make an effective transition into a range of specialist areas including aged care, neurology, paediatrics, sport, health care management and industrial rehabilitation. The School is based at our Fremantle Campus.

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  • Pathways

    Pathways provides a range of student support programs to help you get the most out of your university studies including the following:

    • Tertiary Pathway Program
    • English Language Bridging Program for international students
    • Academic support
    • Access and Inclusion
    • Indigenous student support

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