Learning online

Here you will find all you need to know about how to learn online at Notre Dame.

Notre Dame is committed to ensuring you can continue your studies and remain connected while you are off-Campus through streaming of lectures, virtual interactive tutorials, sharing and collaboration, and more.

Remember, if you get stuck, get in touch and we will work with you to make sure your learning experience is as rewarding as ever.


  • How do I access online learning?

    The University is committed to the provision of technology-enhanced learning for all students through a range of online tools that allow students to learn digitally when they are unable to come to Campus:

    • Blackboard – our learning management system.
      • Turnitin – you can submit text-based assessments through Blackboard using Turnitin.
      • Collaborate Ultra – access pre-recorded or streamed lectures and self-led or interactive tutorials.
    • Zoom – collaborate with your classmates or academic staff.
    • Office365 – Access email, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and online storage (OneDrive).

    Please note, while learning off-Campus the University's standards, policies and procedures still apply.

  • What is Blackboard?

    The University uses the Blackboard learning management system where you can access your course materials including pre-recorded or streamed lectures, as well as self-led or interactive tutorials and links to course readings.

    Blackboard >

  • How do I know if my courses are supported online?

    In the first instance, contact your lecturer or School for information about specific courses.

  • When is the Academic Penalty Date?

    The Academic Penalty Date is the last day that students can withdraw from classes without academic penalty (i.e. without a Withdraw Fail (WF) recorded on your transcript). This was previously set at the end of Week 12, or equivalent for non-standard offerings. To allow you extra time to withdraw from your courses, we have extended this to the last teaching date of Semester. This date is 22 May – the Friday of Week 13 for the Standard Semester.

    For non-standard offerings, Academic Penalty Date will be moved to the equivalent last teaching date. Your School and/or Student Administration will be able to confirm this date for you. We believe the extension of the Academic Penalty Date will allow you to withdraw from your course(s) if you believe you are not progressing towards a satisfactory outcome.

  • Has there been any changes to the Winter Term study period?

    We will be extending our Winter Term to four teaching weeks and one exam week. This will enable us to expand our course offerings in Winter Term, for students who wish to study in July. Please keep an eye on your email inboxes for more information about Winter Term course offerings.

  • How have assessments changed?

    The Academics and Deans in your Schools are working on adjustments to assessment formats and schedules. The Schools are investigating alternative assessment options that are conducive to online learning and teaching and take into consideration fairness as well as maintaining standards. Some examples of assessments that are alternate to the traditional end-of-semester examinations are take home (open book) examinations and online examinations. Or you may be asked to submit an essay or a research project instead of an exam. The assessments will continue to be mapped to the course learning outcomes while maintaining academic integrity. Assessments may be different across different courses and you will be informed by your School about particular course arrangements as they are approved.

  • What’s the new Show Cause procedure?

    We have a new process to support students who are facing difficult circumstances. If at the end of the semester, you are not meeting the program progression requirements and/or you are notperforming as well academically, the University will now allow you to ‘show cause’ prior to having your enrolment Program Terminated or University Suspended. We have designed an entirely new procedure to enable students to explain their individual circumstances and demonstrate why it would be best to continue their studies. Program Termination or UniversitySuspension will NOT appear on your record with a successful Show Cause outcome. The Show Cause process is an important part of supporting you to be successful in your studies as it allows your School and the University to extend our support services to you (e.g. both personal and program counselling, learning advice consultations, academic writing consultations, to name a few).

    More information on Show Cause will be released shortly.