Student Admin, fees and payments

IMPORTANT NOTICE for Fremantle, Broadway and Darlinghurst students ONLY – Please DO NOT top up your print credits from the Payments Portal. Please use “ThinkPrint” to top up your print credits.

You can pay your fees online on our Student Payments page.

Our Student Administration and Fees Office is available to help you with the following:

  • Maintaining the records of all past and present students of the University;
  • Processing requests for changes to a student’s enrolment, course or personal information;
  • Processing enrolments each semester or term;
  • Administering examinations; graduations and award ceremonies;
  • Administering requests for cross institutional enrolments and advanced standing;
  • Providing support and the required documentation for international students to extend their visa;
  • Providing student ID cards;
  • Administering scholarships;
  • Processing admission records;
  • Providing authorised information to external Government bodies; and
  • Student Grievance resolution.