Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing is credit granted towards a degree program for study already undertaken. By giving recognition to prior learning, advanced standing prevents the unnecessary duplication of study and can save time and money.

The availability of advanced standing does not guarantee entry into a particular course. In some cases there are high levels of competition for places and in other cases applicants may need to have fulfilled other requirements to gain entry. Detailed information on regulations governing the awarding of Advanced Standing may be accessed from the University Regulations.

How to apply for Advanced Standing

  1. Make application for entry to the course of your choice at Notre Dame. You should read carefully the Admissions Guide and submit your Application for Admission by the required deadline.
  2. Once you have been notified that you have been granted an admissions interview, collect an Application for Advanced Standing form from Student Administration or download one of the following forms:
  3. There are two forms available depending on your situation:
  1. Fill in your personal details and information regarding your previous studies on the Application for Advanced Standing form and take it with you to your admissions interview along with supporting documentation. You may discuss the possibility of Advanced Standing with the interviewer, though no confirmation may be provided until all documentation is complete and your application for Advance Standing is submitted to Student Administration for approval.

    If you receive an offer of a place in your program of choice, you should submit the Application for Advanced Standing form to your school. You must also attach the course outlines for the units of study you completed previously, including assessment and teaching structure to allow an assessment of relevance and comparability to be made. If applying for recognition of prior experience ('uncredentialed'), attach any supporting documentation you have.

    These documents should preferably be forwarded no later than four weeks prior to the start of semester in order for notification to occur before the commencement of the semester. Students are able to submit more than one Advanced Standing application for each course they study. A first application can be lodged without any charge; however, subsequent applications will incur a $125 fee.

  2. The University will endeavour to inform you of the outcome of your application as soon as possible once received by Student Administration.