The Honourable David Malcolm Memorial Lecture

The Honourable David Malcolm Memorial Lecture series was established in 2015 by the School of Law (Fremantle) to honour the late David Malcolm, a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Western Australia. The annual Memorial Lecture is dedicated to his life and work as an eminent jurist, scholar and legal practitioner as well as the significant contributions he made to the law profession, community and civil society. The annual Memorial Lecture will provide an opportunity to pay tribute to, and celebrate, his enduring legacy.

The Honourable Chief Judge Stephen Thackray
Family Court of Western Australia

The Rule of Law and the Independence of the Judiciary: Values Lost or Conveniently Forgotten?
(Full published paper in Australian Family Lawyer, October 2018)
27th September 2018

The Honourable Justice Michael Barker
Federal Court of Australia Perth

The Role of Judges in Making Law 
26th October 2017

The Honourable Chief Justice Robert French 
Former Chief Justice of the
High Court of Australia

The Changing Face of Judicial Leadership:
A Western Australian Perspective

19th October 2016

The Honourable Professor Neville Owen
Former Judge of the
Supreme Court of Western Australia

Surviving Sisyphus:
Justice, Judges and Jaundice
Inaugural Lecture
13th October 2015