Funded by the University, industry, individuals and non-profit organisations, scholarships are available to prospective and current students. While the selection criteria vary for each scholarship, community involvement and leadership roles, as well as academic performance and financial hardship, are considered as part of the application process.

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New Scholarships for 2023 commencing students!

New Opportunity and Merit scholarships worth up to $20,000 available for students commencing undergraduate and postgraduate programs in 2023. There are 20 scholarships available, which will be awarded on the basis of equity or merit.

  • The Notre Dame Merit Scholarship
  • The Notre Dame Postgraduate Merit Scholarship
  • The Notre Dame Opportunity Scholarship
  • The Notre Dame Postgraduate Opportunity Scholarship

Every student’s story is different and scholarships are often a life-changing financial contribution that enables them to commence or continue their studies, without the added stress presented by the day to day costs of living. This could mean buying food, paying rent, transport and household bills, bringing up children as single parents, being a family on one income, becoming unemployed or caring for a sick loved one.

Our scholarships also reward students who have demonstrated academic brilliance and aim to encourage them to always strive for success.

Scholarships change lives by providing essential assistance when it is needed the most. The University wishes to recognise the support of our most generous donors, thank them for placing their trust in our students and acknowledge their ongoing commitment to Notre Dame by sharing their stories.

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For further information on preparing your scholarship application, and for frequently asked questions please visit our how to apply page.