Digital records and My eQuals

Notre Dame issues certified, digital versions of the official academic transcript through the My eQuals platform.

What is My eQuals?

My eQuals is a secure platform used by universities across Australia and New Zealand to issue and authenticate academic records in digital format. You can use My eQuals to safely share your digital documents with anyone you choose, such as employers, universities and other parties. You have control over who can see your statements and the duration they are made available.

Learn more about My eQuals here.

  • Who can access My eQuals?

    All students who graduate from December 2018 will receive a digital testamur, transcript and AHEGS as part of the graduation process.

    Current students can purchase a digital copy of their transcript, see details below under ‘how do I request my digital documents?’

    Students who graduated prior to 2018 cannot purchase a digital copy of their transcript, testamur, or AHEGS. Paper copies can be purchased through the Student Administration and Fees Office.

  • How do I request my digital documents?

      Current Students
      You will need to place an order with Student Administration and Fees to purchase your current official Academic Transcript. Once the order and payment has been processed by Student Administration and Fees Office you will receive an email confirming the documents have been issued and are available online. From the email you will be able to login or register.

      After Graduation you will automatically receive an email providing you with a link to your free secure copies for viewing and sharing. From the email you will be able to login or register.

  • What documents can I request?

    Current Students
    Current students can request a copy of their academic transcript.

    Graduates will automatically receive a digital copy of their testamur, transcript, and AHEGS.

  • Activating my account

    Once documents have been issued to you by Notre Dame you will receive an initial notification email from My eQuals. Please read the Registration instruction document below for details on how to register.

    Note: The email address you need to use when registering is in the format, [studentID]

  • I need help

    In addition to the information below further Help and FAQs are available on the My eQuals site.

    Contact Student Administration on your campus of enrolment if you are having difficulties seeing your documents.

    Contact the My eQuals team if you are having difficulties with access or linking accounts.

    The basics of My eQuals
    Digital documents are not sent to you as an attachment, you must login to My eQuals to access and share your documents.

    The initial account activation email, sent from My eQuals, will contain a link to register, you cannot login to an account if it has not been activated.

    My documents aren’t appearing?
    A My eQuals account can only be set up through the initial notification email sent from My eQuals when documents are first issued. All accounts for Notre Dame are setup using the address [studentID] as opposed to [StudentName] This is to ensure uniqueness and security of your My eQuals account.

    If you are unable to see documents you may be logging in using an alternative email that is not linked to your Notre Dame account.

    Login using the [studentID] email address used when you registered with My eQuals for Notre Dame.

    If you have multiple My eQuals accounts, with documents issued from other institutions, use the “Link” features in your Profile settings to link all of your My eQuals accounts.