Digital records and My eQuals

Introducing digital academic records and the My eQuals project

The University has commenced work on the My eQuals project. Graduating students will soon be able to receive their official academic records in digital format (PDF). These digital documents can then be accessed and shared via the My eQuals online platform.

  • What is My eQuals?

    My eQuals is an initiative between Australian and New Zealand universities to provide a secure digital platform to issue and to authenticate digital academic records (AHEGS, Official Academic Transcripts, and Testamurs).

    These digital documents can then be accessed anywhere, anytime and shared with other parties (i.e. a potential employer, other universities or a professional body) in a secure online environment. You can control how you share documents and for how long.

    In addition to My eQuals in Australia and New Zealand, there are similar platforms being rolled out in Europe, USA and across Asia.

  • Why use My eQuals?

    • Your degree is protected - Credential integrity and security through the ability to provide third-parties with a certified document from a secure and trusted source reducing the need for the production and verification of hard copy documents and opportunities for fraud.
    • Easier for you - Student mobility and data portability through giving students personal control of their academic records in a form that is accessible and secure, locally and globally.