Affiliated Members

From 2016, academic staff at Notre Dame can become affiliated members of the IHR. This it to help increase the exposure of individual researcher’s but also to highlight the diverse and extensive range of research being undertaken at the University.  An application form to become an Affiliate Member of the IHR can be obtained from here or call (08) 9433 0105 for more details.

Professor Gerard Hoyne
BSc(Hons), PhD, GCUT0

Professor Ben Wand
BappSc(Physio), GradDip(ExSpSc), MAppSc(, PhD

Professor Leanne Monterosso
PhD, BN(Hons), GCert TerTeach, RN, RM, NNT

Professor David Playford 

Dr Ryan Anderton
BForensics, BSc (Hons), PhD

Dr Raoul Oehmen
BSc (Hons), Grad Cert Uni Teaching, PhD

Dr Tania Spiteri
BSc, PhD

A/Prof Dale Edgar

BPhty (Hons), PhD

Dr Diego Milani

Jacqueline Francis-Coad
Grad Dip Physio, Master of Clinical Physiotherapy [Gerontology]
Grad Cert University Teaching, APA Gerontological Physiotherapist