Student policies, procedures and guidelines

This site houses the University Policies, Procedures and Guidelines of particular relevance for students. All policy documents can be found at the main Policies, Procedures and Guidelines site.


Policy: Admissions
Procedure: Admission to Higher Education, VET and Enabling Programs and Courses
Procedure: Advanced Standing

Examinations and results

Policy: Examinations
Guidelines: Recognition of Student Contributions on Academic Transcripts
Guideline: Supplementary, Deferred and Irregularly Scheduled Exams

Fees and refunds

Policy: Refunds for On-Campus Accommodation
Policy: Refunds for Overseas Students
Policy: Termination of Enrolment for Non-Payment
Procedure: VET Fees, Charges and Refunds

Grievance and Appeals

Procedure: Student Grievance
Policy: Student Appeals
Procedure: VET Student Appeals

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Policy: Critical Incident Management
Procedure: Critical Incident Management
Policy: Drugs
Policy: Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment
Procedure: Disclosing Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment
Policy: Use of Alcohol by Students
Policy: Work Health and Safety
Guidelines: Handling of Blood Products and Other Biological Material
Information: Emergency and Security Information

Information Management and Privacy

Policy: Information Security
Policy: Privacy

Information Technology

Policy: Email and Internet Usage
Policy: Use of Social Media
Guideline: Use of Social Media

International Students

Policy: International Students 
Policy: International Student Transfer 
Policy: Outbound Study Abroad Exchange Program

Learning and Teaching

Policy: Assessment in Coursework Units
Policy: Recording of Live Course Content
Procedure: Recording of Live Course Content
Policy: Students with a Disability
Guideline: Use of Text Matching Applications


Policy: Code of Conduct: Research
Policy: Research Integrity
Policy: Ethics Approval for Research Involving Human Participants
Procedure: Applying for Ethics Approval (Low Risk Review)
Procedure: Applying for Ethics Approval (Full Ethical Review)
Procedure: Applying for Ethics Approval (Cross-Institutional Approval)
Procedure: Applying for Ethics Approval (Course Clearance)
Guideline: Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form for Research Involving Human Participants
Policy: Ethics Approval for the Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes
Procedure: Applying for Animal Ethics Approval
Policy: Intellectual Property
Policy: Nomination of Examiners for a Research Degree
Policy: Research Data Management
Procedure: Research Data Management
Policy: Research Funding Scheme
Procedure: Research Funding Scheme
Policy: Supervision of HDR Students
Procedure: Supervision and Candidacy Process for HDR Students
Guideline: Editing Support for HDR Students
Guideline: Format and Presentation of a Research Proposal for Higher Degrees by Research
Guideline: Presentation and Submission of Research Theses
Guideline: Thesis by Publication (effective 1 April 2011)
Guideline: Thesis by Publication (effective 1 January 2020)
Guideline: Application and Assessment processes for HDR Scholarships
Guideline: Support for HDR Students


Policy: International Fee Remission Scholarships
Policy: Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships
Procedure: Conditions: Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships
Guideline: Application and Assessment processes for HDR Scholarships

Student Administration

Policy: Retroactive Withdrawal (Also known as Re-Crediting and Remission)
Procedure: Intervention Strategy
Guideline: The meaning of Special Consideration and Exceptional Circumstances

Student conduct and responsibilities

Code of Conduct: Student
Policy: Student Academic Integrity

Student Representation

Policy: Financial Recognition of Student Association Executives
Policy: University Affiliation of Student Clubs
Procedure: University Affiliation of Student Clubs
Policy: External Sponsorship of Student Associations
Governing Principles: Student Consultation and Engagement in Schools

VET Programs

Policy: Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer
Procedure: RPL and Credit Transfer Processes
Procedure: Continuous improvement in VET
Procedure: Student Progress
Policy: VET Assessment
Procedure: VET Assessment
Procedure: VET Attendance
Procedure: VET Discontinuance
Process: VET Re-Credit (VET Student Loans)
Procedure: VET Student Appeals
Process: Withdrawal VET Student Loans