Bachelor of Science

Environment & Heritage stream

Understanding and preserving our natural environment and cultural heritage are essential to maintaining quality of life for current and future generations. Key skills and knowledge to succeed in these fields are developed in this Stream.

You will be equipped to work with the complexity of environmental systems through the study of ecology, biodiversity, physical geography, natural resource management, environmental impact assessment, and the application of spatial analysis.

Cultural heritage is introduced via courses in archaeology, including field experiences to hone skills in material collection and analysis. With a strong focus on the history and archaeology of Western Australia, you will study specialist areas such as maritime archaeology and the archaeology of Indigenous Australia.

The flexibility in the Bachelor of Science degree allows you to explore your interests and pursue many career possibilities:

  • You can combine this Stream with study in specialist courses in plant and animal biology and coastal processes to enhance your environmental science expertise and prepare for careers aligned with natural landscapes.
  • You can diversify your career opportunities by combining this Stream with more courses in either Archaeology, Environmental Management or Biology to complete a full eight-course Major.
  • Or you can combine this Stream with courses in complementary disciplines such as Behavioural Science, Journalism, Business Studies, Politics and International Relations or Social Justice to form a six-course Minor.
  • Bachelor of Science (Environment and Heritage) structure

    Complete the THREE (3) Core Curriculum courses
    Complete the EIGHT (8) required core Science Courses

    PLUS SEVEN (7) courses for the Environment & Heritage Stream:
    The FIVE (5) required courses:

    • ARCL1020 Introduction to Archaeology
    • GEOG1110 Physical Geography: Climates, Geology and Soils
    • BIOL2100 Animal Diversity OR BIOL2260 Plant Diversity
    • ENVR3310 Environmental Impact Assessment and Planning
    • SCIE3290 Geographic Information Systems

    Plus any TWO (2) of the following courses:

    • ARCL1030 Reading the Past: Interpretation from Archaeology
    • ARCL3010 Maritime Archaeology: Ships and Harbours
    • ARCL3020 The Archaeology of Indigenous Australia
    • ARCL3030 Unearthing the Past
    • ARCL3040 Archaeological Field Methods
    • ENVR3520 Natural Resource Management

    PLUS SIX (6) Elective Courses

    These courses could be used to form a Major in Environmental Management, Archaeology and Biology or a Minor.

    Courses on offer in 2020 and 2021

  • Career opportunities

    Graduates of this Stream have the opportunity of employment in private and government sectors and not-for-profit organisations, including graduate positions as an environment officer, heritage officer, environmental consultant, sustainable development officer, conservation officer and archaeologist. Further study in post graduate programs in Science and other areas is also available.

  • More information

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