Schools Recommendation Scheme - UAC applicants only

UAC’s Schools Recommendation Scheme at Notre Dame

The Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) allows current Year 12 students who have applied through UAC and who meet the requirements below to receive early offers of undergraduate admission to Notre Dame prior to the release of their ATAR.

SRS applications are made through UAC and are assessed based on:

  • Your Year 11 studies and results and;
  • Your school’s recommendation and rating – your school can recommend you for admission to Notre Dame by completing the required documentation to rate your aptitudes, abilities and successes relevant to your undergraduate study.


Applications for SRS can be made by current Year 12 students who are completing their Higher School Certificate (HSC) or International Baccalaureate (IB), and are applying to UAC for undergraduate admission.

Applicants must also be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, a permanent resident of Australia, or the holder of an Australian permanent resident humanitarian visa.

Notre Dame courses available through SRS

All Notre Dame courses listed in UAC are offered through SRS. However, the number of offers made to some courses may be limited.


  • How do I apply?

    Please note - applications for SRS have closed for 2021.

    Year 12 students submit their application through UAC, indicating that they wish to be considered for SRS. Upon application, a student’s school will provide the required documentation.

  • How are the assessment criteria weighted?

    Notre Dame assesses each SRS application based on a combination of Year 11 academic results and school rating, with equal weighting applied to each criteria.

  • How does my school rate me?

    Your school will rate your abilities in different areas of study, as well as your aptitudes. More information is available on the UAC website.

  • Can I change my UAC preference to Notre Dame for the SRS?

    Yes, but all course preferences must be finalised by the deadline. Check with UAC for further detail on due dates and deadlines.

  • When will I receive my offer?

    The first round of SRS offers is usually released in November, followed by further rounds of offers throughout the remainder of the year. Check with UAC for further detail on dates and offers.

    You can view your offer via email or by logging into your UAC account.

    This year, the first round of SRS offers were released on 12 November 2021.

  • What type of offer will I receive?

    All offers made in the first round will be unconditional offers. Subsequently released offers may be either unconditional, or conditional.

  • Can I defer an SRS offer?

    If you receive an SRS offer, you can defer it for either six or twelve months, depending on the availability of your selected course.

Alternative Pathways to Notre Dame

At Notre Dame, we consider each student as a whole person, seeing beyond just academic scores, and valuing each student for their unique talents, interests, life experience, and skills. As a result, we offer a number of entry pathways to tertiary study at the University. Possible pathways take into consideration your work and life experience, recent secondary education, and other Higher Education or VET study.

We are also proud to offer our Tertiary Pathway Program (TPP), which provides an option for applicants who do not meet the minimum admission requirements for immediate entry into the undergraduate degree of their choice. The semester of study completed via our TPP equips students with the skills and knowledge to gain entry to, and succeed at, their desired undergraduate course at Notre Dame.

Contact us for more information.