Welcome to Orientation

At Orientation you’ll get a taste of university life at Notre Dame. Tune in to live Zoom sessions, Q&As, discover your Student Association and Clubs, find a mentor and much more!

Our University Prayer

Notre Dame,
Mother of Jesus and our Mother,
We ask you to guide our University.

Mary, as you cared for Jesus,
Show a loving care for us,
As we expand our minds in study and research,
As we open our hearts to future possibilities,
And extend our hands to those who are in need.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom, Teach
Us to care for the land and the people
Of this country of the Southern Cross.

In this academic community dedicated to you,
Help us find new yet faithful ways
Of bringing the message of Jesus to Australia
And to those who share this region of the earth with us.


Vice Chancellor's Welcome
Professor Francis Campbell

Welcome To Country
Matthew McGuire


    Semester 1 officially kicks off with Orientation Week from Monday 15 February - Friday 19 February!

    Check out the Orientation Activities section below to find out which sessions you can join
    us on campus for and which ones you can join from home via Zoom.

    We will be hosting a range of on campus events throughout the week including the Orientation Festival on 
    Tuesday 16 February. 

    Check out the full schedule below and be sure to come along to as many events as you can where you will be able
    to meet the Student Association and other clubs & societies, grab free food, attend sessions hosted by
    your School and meet some of your fellow peers!

    Pending the current lockdown restrictions and State regulations, on campus activities might change. Please keep an eye
    on your student emails and this Orientation page for further details.

    On Campus Schedule



    Join us for a range of activities throughout Orientation week both on campus and online! Hear from current students, academics and get involved in university life online!

    Counselling - 15 - 19 Feb 2021 - Online

    A Mindful Moment for Students: Give and Receive Compassion in 2021

    Counselling - 12:40pm & 1:10pm 15 Feb 2021 - Fremantle

    A Mindful Moment for Students: On Campus Sessions

    Counselling - 9:00am 18 Feb 2021 - Online

    Be Kind To Your Mind

    Counselling - 9:00am 15 Feb 2021 - Online

    Be Kind To Your Mind

    Careers - 11:00am 15 Feb 2021 - Fremantle

    Career Planning Workshop

    Careers - 1:30pm 18 Feb 2021 - Online

    Career Planning Workshop

    Careers - 1:30pm 15 Feb 2021 - Online

    Career Planning Workshop

    Careers - 1:30pm 17 Feb 2021 - Fremantle

    Career Planning Workshop

    Careers - 11:00am 18 Feb 2021 - Online

    Career Planning Workshop

    Education - 15 - 19 Feb 2021 - Online

    ECEC Program: What can you expect in 2021?

    Health Sciences - 15 - 19 Feb 2021 - Online

    Health Sciences Welcome

    Orientation - 1:00pm 15 Feb 2021 - Online

    International Student Session

    Library - 15 - 19 Feb 2021 - Online

    Library Introduction

    Fun & Friends - 11:45am-12:30pm 16 Feb 2021 - Fremantle

    Mature-age Student Network and International students lunchtime connect

    Fun & Friends - 5:00pm-6:30pm 17 Feb 2021 - Fremantle

    Mature-age Student Network and International Students Sundowner

    Chaplaincy - 9:45am-2:00pm 16 Feb 2021 - Fremantle

    Meet the Chaplaincy Team

    Chaplaincy - Various Times 16 Feb 2021 - Fremantle

    Morning Prayer and Mass

    Nursing & Midwifery - 10:00am-11:30am 18 Feb 2021 - Online

    Nursing Compulsory Online Information Session

    Fun & Friends - 9:45am-2:0pm 16 Feb 2021 - Fremantle

    Orientation Festival

    Fun & Friends - 15 - 19 Feb 2021 - Online

    Photo of the Week Competition- Now Open!

    Study Centre - 11:00am-11:45am 17 Feb 2021 - Fremantle

    Preparing Right for Success at University

    Education - 15 - 19 Feb 2021 - Online

    Primary Program: What can you expect in 2021?

    Respect.Now.Always - 15 - 19 Feb 2021 - Online

    Respect@ND: Meet our Respect Officer

    School Orientation - Various Times 16 Feb 2021 - Fremantle

    School Meet-Up

    Business - 10:00am 18 Feb 2021 - Online

    School of Business – Meet your Academics

    Education - 15 - 19 Feb 2021 - Online

    Secondary Program: What can you expect in 2021?

    Orientation - Various Times 16 Feb 2021 - Fremantle

    Student Panels

    School Orientation - 10:00am-3:00pm 16 Feb 2021 - Fremantle

    Uniform pop up for Education, Health Sciences and Physiotherapy students.

    Chaplaincy - 2:00pm-2:30pm 17 Feb 2021 - Online

    What’s the Point of Faith at University?

    Volunteering - 8:00am 17 Feb 2021 - Online

    Why Volunteer With Vinnies?


    Photo of the Week Winners

    Get a look at the best photos from last year's Photo of the Week competition.

    10 Tips For Studying At Notre Dame
    Alicia Hull

    As I enter my fifth and final year at Notre Dame, I’d like to share with you some things that I have learnt along the way that I wish I’d known when I was in first year.

    The Ultimate Juggling Act: Study and Parenting
    Hema Kaluzay

    Going back to university was both an easy and difficult decision for me. I knew it would be the ultimate juggling act to do it with a young family in tow.

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    The Mentoring Program assists new students with the transition to university life.
    If you feel nervous about starting university, this is a great way to start.

    Watch Now

    What Students Say About The Mentoring Program

    “It’s fulfilling to be able to turn my past nervousness and general feeling of being lost into constructive advice and guidance for new students. The mentees allocated to me in the past have been dynamic people themselves; from all different walks of life, so I learn from them over the semester too.”



    “I love being part of the program and am excited to continue to network with nursing students who will be my future colleagues and giving them some guidance on the great adventure that is University. Thank you for all your support in organising the program!”



    “It has been so wonderful to be a part of the Notre Dame Mentor Program throughout my time at university, so a HUGE THANK YOU back to all of you who give so much time and care to running and organising such a great program!”



    Learn More About The Mentoring Program


    The University of Notre Dame Australia is guided by a rich tradition of Catholic faith and values, which sit at the heart of all we do at the Notre Dame Chaplaincy. We provide opportunities for you to engage in social events, spiritual information, prayer and charitable works. In doing this, we hope to support the spiritual life of the University and allow students of Notre Dame to receive a holistic education.

    Meet the Team Our Community Prayer Food for your soul

    Join us for Lent

    Tuesday 16 February

    Morning Prayer followed by pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

    Time: 8:30am – 9am
    Venue: Holy Spirit Chapel

    Commencement Mass

    Time: 12:35pm – 1:10pm
    Venue: Holy Spirit Chapel

    Wednesday 17 February

    Ash Wednesday Morning Prayer

    Time: 8:30am – 9am
    Venue: Holy Spirit Chapel

    Ash Wednesday Mass and distribution of Ashes

    Time: 12:35pm – 1:10pm
    Venue: Holy Spirit Chapel


    Notre Dame Student Association was created in 1996 to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. Located in Fremantle, the NDSA reflects the vibrant energy of our town. Our passionate and skilled team are here to help our students have a positive experience here at ND and make an impact on the world. Are you ready to reach your potential? Join us!

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    What is Student Life?
    There’s always something happening at Notre Dame, whatever your interests may be.
    Get involved in a range of events, join a Club or Society, stay active with our sports department, enter competitions
    and take a look at our workshops!


    Returning to study after a long absence, or enrolling for the first time as a mature adult, can be a daunting experience
    that often involves great sacrifice.

    Mature-age students are more likely than school leavers to be juggling responsibilities outside of university,
    such as employment, caring for  children, and managing their household. They may also feel more socially isolated on campus
    than a school leaver might.

    For these purposes, we have a Mature-age Student Network on campus which aims to provide networking opportunities
    to students over the age of  25 through  social events and activities such as a welcome lunch, morning and afternoon
    teas, breakfast and lunches, workshops and presentations.

    Check out the schedule for mature-age student network activities during orientation.

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